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Flooring System  
Flooring System / Epoxy System  
Epoxy System
Epoxy coating system makes the surface shining, seamless, easy for cleaning, and resistant to chemicals. This kind of coating is suitable for the area that does not allow dusts such as laboratory, sterile room, food and pharmaceutical factory, showroom, multi-storey car park, stadium, general industrial factory, etc. There are 3 systems for different uses as follows:

1. Epoxy Coating Thickness is 150-400 microns.

2. Epoxy Self Leveling is an epoxy with no solvent. Thickness is 1-3 milimeters. Epoxy Self Leveling is suitable for industrial floor with general to heavy use.

3.Epoxy Anti-Static is suitable for the area where static electricity may have an impact on equipment and machinery such as labaratory, electronic industry, automobile industry, etc.

Flooring System / Polyurethane Floor  
Polyurethane Floor
Polyurethane floor coating makes the surface smooth, seamless, easy for cleaning, resistant to chemicals and extreme temperature
(-40 to 140 degree Celsius). There is inhibitor for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which is suitable for food and drug industry.

Flooring System / Polishing Concrete  
Polishing Concrete
Burnished Floor
Burnished is a revolution concrete floor from Australia propose for a high abrasive resistance concrete surface finished with grossly and shiny floor which have to apply on wet concrete . Mainly this method using machine to polished concrete surface concrete (High speed Ridding trowel machine) while concrete has reach initial set . Concrete ratio should follow industrial concrete mix design specification. (Compressive strength min. 350 ksc. cylinder )

Polishing Floor (Testa Floor)
Testa Floor is a revolution concrete floor from USA propose for additional a high durability and grossy concrete surface finished which can apply on new or old concrete with grossly and shiny floor. Mainly this method using high speed polishing machine to polished concrete surface concrete and apply chemical to strengthen concrete.

Leveling Concrete
Leveling concrete by truss screed

Flooring System / Floor Hardener  
Floor Hardener
Floor Hardener is resistant to scratch, which is suitable for industrial factory floor or warehouse with heavy work.

Waterproofing System  
Waterproofing System
There are two types of waterproofing sheet membrane; self-adhesive and torch-on. They are suitable for waterproofing outside the building and underground wall.

Liquid Applied Waterproofing

Liquid Applied Waterproofing (Acrylic or Polyurethane) is resistant
to climate change and ultraviolet. It will get dry like a film when coating is finished, leaving it seamless. This is suitable for waterproofing on the deck, both the old and new one.

Cementitious Waterproofing

Cementitious Waterproofing is well adhesive to the concrete floor seamlessly. This is non-toxic and suitable for structure of water tank, swimming pool, floor and wall of toilets.

Repairing System  
Repairing System
Crack Repair by Epoxy injection

Cracks on various structures such as floor, shoulder pole, pole, groundwork, etc., are repaired by using compressor to inject epoxy having low viscosity, high compressive strength, and high bonding strength.

Water Leakage Repair by Polyurethane Foam Injection

Water leakage from structure crack can be repaired by using high pressure compressor to inject polyurethane into the concrete crack. Polyurethane shall react with water or moisture before expanding into the form of foam injection such cracks or holes

Sport Floor  
Sport Floor
We design, build and improve sports floor including synthetic rubber racetrack, polyurethane sports floor, multi-purpose sports floor, futsal floor, artificial turf floor, gymnasium floor, badminton floor, tennis floor, basketball floor, volleyball floor, soft rubber floor for playground, park, etc.

Concrete Pump  
Concrete Pump
We provide rental service of concrete pump for contractors, concrete seller, or project owner, who seeks for fast and convenient way to plaster. There are 2 types of concrete pump including boom pump and moli pump.



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