“Ricco and Associates Co.Ltd” 



we are specialized in chemical work for complete construction including waterproofing system ,industrial floor ,carpark ,warehouse ,joint sealant , repairing system for concrete structure for many years.

We have provide new service for renovation concrete floor . From our experience, many problem come from construction, design or long time use such as crack ,delaminate ,honey comb, or deteriorate surface including polishing level for adjustment high spot.

To provide highest satisfaction with customer requirement. Such as renovate carpark ,condo ,warehouse which have operation in 24 hours or short time shut down operation.

With our profession in flooring business ,teamwork and highest service efficiency over 20 years experience we are always ready for providing advices and solving every problems to help our customer reach there satisfy.


Product / Service


Leveling by grinding

Leveling by grinding /polishing and adjust level

Remove epoxy

Remove epoxy or coating material

Delaminate concrete

hole or honey comb, crack repair

Deteriorate surface/loss abrasion resistance

The concrete surfaces a clean, fresh look.

Testa Floor Shine up surface concrete

Polishing Concrete Floor

Decorate concrete floor coating

concrete will be protected by a wear-resistant layer